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Serving DFW For Over 25 Years

Top 10 Ways to Stay Safe
And Avoid Visiting EcCare

#10 - Drive like you would like others to drive ... motor vehicle accidetns are no fun.

# 9 - Avoid vicious animals, even the cute ones. Animal bites are a real bear.

# 8 - Remember that lawn mowers and chainsaws fall under the "Weapon" category - use them cautiously.

# 7 - REALLY WEAR your protective eye gear when using tools or landscaping weapons (see #8)

# 6 - Watch where you are going when walking so you avoid slips and falls - it may amuse others at the time, in fact you may even score an 8.5, but sprains and strains can take a long time to heal.

# 5 - Remember what your mother said about knives and sharp objects, particularly when they are in your hands.

# 4 - When working outside drink plenty of water or Gatorade, after all we live in the Great State of Texas.

# 3 - Proper lifting techniques are not a mockery of Samurai wrestlers, they actually do help prevent back injures.

# 2 - Nail guns are not intended for amusement .... you would not believe the stories.

# 1 - Do not perform triple-lindy's on the family trampoline, no matter who double-dog-dares you. That decision may help you save your life and your dignity


Thank you for your interest in EcCare Health Centers.
For Information: Rodney C. Ennis, President of EcCare

We are ready to help you when you break these rules


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